Firm “THEMA” was founded in 1999 in Gradacac.
The main activity is the production of footwear and upper parts of footwear.
Since its foundation, “THEMA” has been developing and operating successfully until today, so today it is a modern factory with 370 employees.
During his business, we invested in the purchase of new plant and equipment and training our employees to meet the established European market standards. Over time it has grown so now it has 370 professional and young staff.
The “THEMA” has 5 sewing lines, and one of them is trained for the up-tex and trekking of upper parts of footwear and two lines for ready-to-go footwear.
The production capacity of the company is approx. 1500 footwear pairs and approx. 300 upper parts per day, and all production is currently based on LOHN jobs.
“THEMA” operates in its own production area of 3000 m2 built in Septembar 2011 and also has another manufacturing and business space of 1,500 m2 built in 2004 and also capable of running the production process of finished footwear.
The company is entirely in domestic private ownership.